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Who Ate My Wedding Cake?

13 Aug

He looks awfully suspicious!

Today, marks my first wedding anniversary and as I sit and reflect on one of the most memorable days of my life, I can’t help but think,”Who ate my wedding cake?”

No seriously, who ate it?  You see my wedding was nothing close to traditional, (you can read more about it here), and by the time we got around to cutting our cake there was a big slice of it already missing.  Gone, never to return. No note at least to say, sorry guys I was hungry or couldn’t wait, I love cake! Nothing. Zilch. Nada! Just an empty space where chocolaty deliciousness used to be.  

Perhaps it was my fault for not having our topper on the cake, or for not having a cake bodyguard, which I highly recommend.  Can you imagine some big burly guy dressed in black like the security at a club giving you the don’t you touch that cake side eye?  Shout out to Josh Burdette who used to man one of my favorite spots, the 9:30 Club.  Not sure if he’s still there but you get what I’m saying.


Who do you send complaints to when someone eats your cake?  Is there a cake eating etiquette book because if I knew who ate it, they would know what they’d be getting for Christmas from me. 

I guess I’ll never know who ate our wedding cake, and it will forever remain a mystery. A great story to tell our future children, and something I will always laugh about.  So to the one who ate my cake, cheers to the greatest heist of all time.   

Here are some pictures of my anniversary cake that I made this morning, which is being held at a secret location (in my fridge) until my hubby and I are ready to cut it later tonight.  

Cake Topper was purchased on Murano Island, known for their glass, before we got married, in Venice, Italy.

Happy one year to my lovely husband and best friend!

Cupcake Madness: The End.

5 Apr

I know the NCAA tournament is over, and I know I said I would make six different cupcakes for my sweet six series, to coincide with the sweet sixteen/final four, however that did not happen. I tried, I really did. If no time management skills had a poster child, it would be me. Unfortunately the real world calls, and the only excuse I have is that I was swamped at work. In fact, I am in Florida right now on business.

At first I was just going to leave it as is. The (excuse my french) F*** IT approach, but I couldn’t just leave you with my recipes for Double Chocolate Cupcakes, Lemon-Lime Cupcakes, or my Peanut Butter and Jelly cakes. No, no couldn’t do it, so here’s a little eye candy to end my cupcake madness series. Then it’s back to food for me, I don’t think I want to do sweets for a while. And by a while, I mean a week. Here are some ideas, and pictures from the National Capital Area Cake Show, that I attended last weekend.

It was my first time at the show, and I was impressed by all of the wonderful cakes, and the products from different businesses from across the country. Did I mention all of the edible glitter? I think I was standing in front of a display of glitter for at least 10 minutes. Really it’s the little things in life that make me happy, and if those little things happen to be shiny and bright, I’m in heaven.

The Cake on the right was hand painted. Bananas!

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My Valentine’s Baby

14 Feb


I don’t really have a Valentine’s baby, but my BFF does!  My Zsa Zsa, as I have nicknamed her, turned one yesterday. To celebrate her born day, I made her a giant cupcake cake, accompanied by red velvet and vanilla cupcakes.  It was my first attempt at making and using fondant, and let me just say this was a labor of love.  I know that it will never compare to what my BFF went through on the day Zsa Zsa was born, but it was exhausting.    Continue reading