Why One Big Mix?

1 Nov

If I had to describe myself then that’s exactly what I’d say.  I am one big mix, although some might say one big mess.  I can laugh at this because yes my closet can be a little chaotic, my hair a bit untidy, I never settle, and my resume is filled with random jobs.  However, the chaos always seems to end when I enter my kitchen.  Cooking is the one thing I’ve never frayed from and food has always been at the center of my life.  It is the one thing that I can talk for hours about, stay up all night preparing and continues to inspire me.

I grew up and still live in Northern Virginia, which is a nice fusion of city, suburban, and thanks to my Mamaw, that’s Grandma for all you city folk, country living.  Having an American Mother and immigrant Father gave me opportunities to experience the most wonderful mixture of food and culture.  I was raised on good ol’ southern cooking as well as spicy Latin American cuisine.  Have you ever had potato salad with frijoles fritos (refried beans)?

I love to make comfort food, because isn’t that what memories are made of?  Cooking brings back memories of my parents, my friends, and my childhood.  It takes me to places I’ve never been, it’s a wonderful icebreaker, a good way to get to know people, and it’s just outright fun!  Meals are like moments in time, capturing events that give small glimpses into beautiful stories.  I’ve always been interested in the stories behind a great dish.  Listening to my Mother and Mamaw talk about how they came up with recipes, has made me realize that the best meals are simple, inexpensive, and don’t require a lot of ingredients.  One of my Mamaw’s favorite sayings is, “You can always make something out of nothing.”  Ain’t that the truth? Yet, when it comes to cooking people make it seem so difficult.

My Mamaw’s saying has slowly become my cooking mantra, and I think the reason why I created my blog.  I don’t know how many times I’ve been at a friend’s house and they tell me let’s go out, I have nothing to eat.  In fact, I too have fallen victim to this I have nothing to eat syndrome.  Well enough is enough, time to roll up our sleeves and actually start cooking the foods we buy.  Time to use  that bottle of red wine vinegar that you used for one recipe and never thought of anything else to make it with.  Hmm, red wine vinegar?  I could do something with that. There I go again, always thinking of different food combination’s and what I could make out of them.  I guess that’s why I really am one big mix.

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